We are a Creative Web Agency stationed in Durbanville, Cape Town.

Crafting superb websites is our obsession.

We love working with clients, websites, hosting, emails, support, personal assistants, Docker, WordPress, cheese, coffee and all walks of life. As you can see from this previous statement; we are all normal human beings and passionate developers with a humorous side to ensure that nothing we ever touch is ever boring.

Below you will see some of our recent projects that we are proud to have built. Drop us an email if you want to call any of our previous clients, as it is just better to hear about great service from another independent individual.

We always do our best to keep our own website new and fresh; as a good ship should.

Take the leap. Get an online store. Build a beautiful website for your business. See how easy tech can be taught and setup.

PS: We dress neatly. Those guys who live in their dark hoodies and jeans bring shame to the Development community.

Technologies/People we love

Websites do not build themselves. We use the latest web development platforms and technologies to create fast, reliable code.
  • WordPress
  • Php
  • Bootstrap
  • WooCommerce‎
  • Docker
  • Payfast Online Payments
  •   I'm the web developer that will build your website, impress you and impress your potential clients when they come across your website.

    - Divvie Esterhuizen, Lead Developer, Founder
  •   I'm the one counting the pennies, doing the finances, managing admin or emails and will be the one to send you invoices month after month.

    - Wessel Vermeulen, Financial Manager

Selected Projects