Marketing Avenues to Increase Your Business Market Share

1. Hire a marketer.

Good things do not come easy neither do business successes happen by chance; they are adequately planned for, using the necessary resources.

As an owner of a business startup, one thought that usually run across our head is ‘it is still early to hire, and besides, there is no financial resources to hire’. In fact, the simple reason that your business is at a tender stage necessitate that you hire a marketer(s) that will bring in the customers.

2. Use your friends and relatives as marketers.

Close friends and relatives could serve as important marketers to your business startups. Guess what, clients and customers started trooping into our respective businesses to the extent that we needed more hands to meet business deadlines and provide satisfactory services.

3. Use digital marketing.

One good thing about our contemporary society is that you can advertise your products and services online with little or no cost at all. That is what digital marketing can bring to the table for business startups.

Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, WhatsApp, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram to mention a few, are vital and effective in advertising ones business.

4. Let customers serve as your marketers.

Customers are valuable assets every business startups should strive to have. This is usually beautiful when they are loyal customers willing to introduce their friends and relatives to your business.

Most times it is not ideal for one to fold his/her hand and expect loyal customers to assist in marketing the business. Rather, a business owner should be able to motivate his customers to knowingly and unknowingly assist in the business marketing plans.

5. Let your goodwill speak volumes.

Business is like a mirror, what you sow is what you reap. The imperativeness of customers’ relationship has made the field of management to pay adequate attention to relationship marketing.

A single act of love to customers can leave an indelible impression on them forever. While on the contrary, poor customers’ relation is inimical to business growth.


Business startups are supposed to be built on integrity and trust. There is no gain involving in dubious activities and being hostile to customers in your business. Rather, your apparent goodwill build over the years is a crucial competitive advantage and a marketing avenue to increase your startup’s market share.



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